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Solid Financial Freedom

Solid Financial Freedom

My name is Deon Christie, a successful affiliate marketer from South Africa. Been actively involved with internet marketing for several years. Assembled quite the arsenal of knowledge, methods, tactics and systems which I now share with my valued audiences. Writing is one of my passions and I enjoy creating interesting, relevant and useful content. My fascination with the entire concept of making money online is what drives me to constant new achievements, with no exception to failures.

Failure is as much a companion as success on this journey which has no final destination. In fact I have faced way more failures and brick walls than success and paved roads, so to speak. I also learnt that nothing you do online is in vain, with no exclusion to ones failures. Failure is only the spice that adds exquisite taste to success, especially success on the internet because it is a journey to where there is no final destination.

I enjoy the privilege of being able to publish my own eBooks and articles with high ranking publishers. Received the Diamond Expert Author Certification from these publishers, complimented by the Word Smith Badge for content creation and context. Content is what determines your level of success, and amount of online sales because content will always be King. Therefore I have gathered sufficient knowledge via product review and testing to get recognized as a Professional.

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There is no single method, tactic, program and/or system that is the final destination to internet freedom. There is no such thing as a giant leap, but rather a careful combination of methods and tactics. I soon learned that success is tiny objective steps in the right direction, rather than a race to fame and fortune. Internet Marketing is more of an enjoyment really because there are so many different options it’s overwhelming, and therefore important that you have to enjoy what you do. Considering a single method and/or tactic at a time comes highly recommended, because building an empire takes time.

Adding to my online activity, I have published and indexed several Websites and Blogs and am a regular Blogger on all my sites. This blessed me with extensive knowledge on Keyword, Product and Anchor Text research which is crucial to your Website’s Ranking ability. This in turn is crucial to actual sales online, and also to build your email lists. Viral Marketing is one of the preferred methods to obtain Website Traffic, which also lead me to building and nurturing several Email Lists to this day.

Sharing my knowledge and expertise makes it so much more exciting when writing articles and eBooks where I share my journey and all the different destinations. And as a Valued Reader, I’m inviting you to join my list and receive free downloads to some of my published work.

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Deon Christie