Make your Blog Comments Section Look Attractive

Spice Up Your Blog Comment Section

Valued Reader,

Your Post Comments section can appear a lot more inviting, with one simple setting in your “Users” tab. This is how you turn a faceless profile comment into a more appealing icon like Gravatar. Just one of many little setting changes that can make the world of difference to your audience quantity and conversion through commenting. And like most of the info covered on this blog, pretty simple to execute.

Now, not only do you want your comments section to look more attractive. You also want your profile to look impressive when you reply on your audience comments. This is all done in the exact same spot inside your WordPress c-Panel. Let me show you how to optimize your Profile.

Simply click on “Users” and scroll your curser down the drop down menu and select “Your Profile”. Do Not Change anything apart from what I will suggest next.

You should see your Username, which cannot be changed and is normally your email address used when signing up for your hosting. Under username you will see Name, Last name, Nickname (Required) and Display name Publicly As which could be a drop down menu. I suggest you fill in your own name and just choose a nickname. Just fill out your details in these provided sections inside Users and Your Profile. If you have an email list, then in the Website section you can include a link to your landing page.

You may also see an option to include your Google+ profile and perhaps other social profiles. I suggest you include the link or links to your social profile. It is also equally important that you write a short Bio about yourself, your achievements and even your hobbies.

Also add a Profile Picture which must be a full frontal picture of yourself, kind of like a passport picture focusing on your shoulders and face. After all this is done, simply scroll down and click on “Update Profile” and that’s it, you’re done!

So now when a visitor comments on your blog and you reply, your picture will show and they will have access to your short bio, and more importantly to your email list because that is the redirect when they click on your name to meet you. Search Engine Optimization and getting the most out of your visitors is all about tiny steps in the right direction.

S.E.O is not all that difficult, but it’s time consuming and the waiting can sometimes drive you nuts! But, it’s worth the wait because nothing on Earth delivers traffic like Search Engine optimization and you not only need volume. You also need interested people visiting and engaging on your blog, because that is one of the tactics of generating actual sales online.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie