The “1 @ a Time” Rule to Making Money Online

Making Money One At A Time Rule

Dear Reader,

The One at a Time rule is what annihilates information overload, to which many a newbie fall victim to. Chasing all the shiny objects and promises of instant riches, which only lead to desperation. Earning money online is a precise science that favors preparation, and once you can accept and understand that you will be on your way. Success is tiny objective steps in the right direction, there’s no such thing as a giant leap. The sky is not the limit, your believe system is.

Internet marketing presents itself through various sub niches like viral marketing, email marketing and affiliate marketing. Regardless of the direction your journey takes, you must always remember the one at a time rule. Focus your energy on a single method, system, program or tactic at a time. Realize and accept the fact that it will take time to earn money online. As long as your mind is set on quitting your job or being a millionaire next week, then you will be sadly mistaken. This mind-set is responsible for a 96% failure rate with affiliate marketing, resulting in not earning a single dollar online.

The successful affiliate marketers are the ones that refused to give up, and that unbelievable screenshots you see took months and even years to achieve. Sadly, this subconsciously cultivate the thought of instant riches when in fact it’s only a marketing strategy and tactic. Some screenshots may be fake, but some of them are in fact the truth and the only way you will know is to find out for yourself. This is where the one at a time rule should be activated, and it serves a hidden ulterior purpose.

Once you decided on purchasing a product, system, method or tactic you must test it to its full potential. Yes, this means you will have to upgrade inside the membership if need be because there’s no half measures to success. But before you go purchasing every shiny object out there, make sure you’re offered a full money back guarantee. If you’re not offered a full money back guarantee then the seller doesn’t have much faith in the product, and neither should you. The biggest confusion is sometimes fueled by the word “Free”. Regardless of the claims to what a certain tool can do, you will almost always have to pay for the actual tool. That which the tool accomplishes, that is what is actually free so let’s just get this out there.

This serves another purpose which only ads authenticity to the fact that nothing you do online is in vain. This same purchasing and testing products, systems, methods and tactics is the exact way how super affiliate marketers become just that. Product knowledge within your niche is the only way you will earn life changing kind of money online. Product knowledge is what will lead you to create your own email lists, websites and even blogs. Knowledge is power when it comes to earning money online, and a willingness to learn is the only “secret weapon”.

As mentioned earlier, you have to go the extra few miles. This means contacting support when you get stuck, or need advice because you will be amazed at what you can learn. Make use of the full extent of your refund period, be it 30, 60 or 90 days which will vary from seller to seller. By constant testing, researching and experimenting you are gathering bricks to build an impressive Castle. Super affiliate marketers all have their own products, websites, email lists and blogs because they have gathered enough knowledge to be able to.

Let go of the instant riches, and focus your energy on a primary goal. Strive toward progress, not perfection.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie