The 3 Basic Rules to Actually Generating Sales

Tactics To Generate Sales

Dear Reader,

There are three basic rules to follow in generating actual sales online. It’s a basic guideline used by each successful affiliate marketer out there. These three rules does not involve driving traffic, but more toward content creation and proper product knowledge. And the only way you will acquire proper product knowledge is to purchase and test whatever product you decide to promote. And that is why it will take time to see your first sales, it’s not going to happen within a few weeks. Preparation and Direction is so much more than speed which may only end in failure. The biggest mistake you can make is to rush in an attempt to make money faster.

These three basic rules are; Addressing a Need, Offering a Solution (That actually works), and Inspiring a Desire. In that order, these three rules when applied correctly is guaranteed to generate online sales.

Addressing a need will require proper niche research to establish a common need within the niche you wish to target. For example, a common need within the internet marketing niche and its sub-niches would be generating traffic and creating content. You must address a specific need in a creative and informative manner. You also may want to use the “Reason Why” subject lines for better conversion.

Offering a solution will depend on your product knowledge because you must offer a solution that actually works. It’s pointless to promote products that you have absolutely no knowledge or experience with, because you may very well be promoting nothing more than fluff. And with a general product that work to just another scam ratio of around 1:61, product knowledge is crucial. For every one product that actually works, there are a possible 61 purely scamming products out there.

Inspiring a desire may work well with asking a question beginning with “Wouldn’t you like to…” and then fill in the gaps. For example – “Wouldn’t you like to be your own boss?” – This inspires the desire of freedom, but is but one example of many ways to inspire a desire. Inspiring a desire and addressing a need sometimes work well together. “You want to be your own boss, with all the website traffic you need, right?”

Get your audience to actually want your product with these three simple tactics or rules as it were. And when you offer a solution that actually works, you will see a lot more returning visitors to your website.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie